About Us

Kids love being involved in an activity that lets them bounce for fun, for joy, and for competition. Every bounce by every child is different. They can be serious bounces or silly bounces, but almost always bounces and smiles happen at the same time. Our #1 goal is to make the day special for our children. And believe us, bouncers do the trick. Plus, their friends go home feeling special.

Having young children, they cheerfully test and analyze the bouncers. As parents, we all know how it feels to plan parties. We know how much work is involved: a lot! From the research to find the entertainment to deciding on the food, presents, and thanking guests for their attendance: these make for a fun but busy day.

This business was started because we know how important having bouncers is to our family parties. We enjoy seeing the children have fun playing outside. Bouncers provide a healthy way of promoting exercise while having fun. Haven’t tried renting a bouncer yet? Contact Boodle Bouncers to give your child a party guaranteed to bubble with fun and laughter.